2019 AGM – Nominations & Voting

19-10-19 Jenny Kyriakopoulos 0 comment

The 2019 Annual General Meeting for the Ivanhoe Darebin Basketball Association Inc. will be held at 7.30pm on Thursday 24 October 2019 at the Darebin Community Sports Stadium.

Nominations for a position on the Executive committee have now closed.

The following nominations were received:

President Tim Butler Elected unopposed  
Vice President Robert Sloan * Voting required
Vice President Tina Kotsabas * Voting required
Treasurer Mark Gao Elected unopposed  
Secretary Jenny Kyriakopoulos Elected unopposed  
General Committee Zina Kyriakakis * Voting required
General Committee Rachel Mansfield * Voting required
General Committee Brett Taylor * Voting required
General Committee Tina Kotsabas * Voting required
IKBC Representative Marcus Heasly Appointed by the IKBC committee
  • Voting at the AGM will be required for the Vice President position and for three General committee member positions. The voting will be in accordance to section 8 of the IDBA Constitution:


(a) Voting rights for Annual General Meetings and Special Meetings will be as follows: Before the AGM or SGM, each Active Club shall appoint delegates as its representatives to vote on their behalf.

(i) Voting Rights are:

(1) One (1) vote per club with up to and including 10 teams

(2) Two (2) votes per club with 11 up to 20 teams

(3) Three (3) votes per club over 20 teams. (Three votes is the maximum number of votes per club)

(4) One vote per Member of the current executive committee of the Association

(5) One vote per life member of the Association

(b) All of the above voting rights are based on that person or family or team being financial at the time of the AGM. Any un-financial member of the association shall have no voting powers.

(c) The president, or in his/her absence the Chairperson, shall not have a deliberative vote, but in the case of equality, has the casting vote.

(d) All voting, required to pass any resolution, shall be by the show of hands, unless a request for a secret ballot of a poll of members be made by the mover, the President or Chairperson.

(e) All AGM elections shall be by secret ballot.

(f) AGM elections shall be carried out in the following order:

(i) President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, three (3) general committee members. The fourth member, from The Ivanhoe Knights, shall be appointed by that club’s elected committee of Management

(ii) A defeated candidate in an earlier election may contest a later election, if nominations are taken from the floor.

(iii) Proxy votes under any circumstances are invalid.

Voting delegates:

Current Executive committee members1 vote per member
IDBA Life members1 vote per member
Adult Domestic – 24 teams3 votes
Giants Domestic – 13 teams2 votes
Knights Domestic – 100 teams3 votes
Knights Representative – 9 teams1 vote